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It is forecasted 19 degrees today, (no not in Spain), here is Ireland. It is spring time and there is already a clear blue sky as I look outside the window of my home office whilst drinking a hot cup of Roobios tea!

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Carmen Corral . Carmen used to live in Spain and is now a full time travelling Digital Nomad. As English is not Carmen’s native language we have gone for a shorter, concise interview that still gives you value as the reader.

As I go on the interview journey for FIRE Dave I am fascinated by the different stories people have to share, and where this passion project leads me day by day.

Originally from Lugo (Galacia), Spain and having Lived in Madrid for eleven years, Carmen does not really live anywhere anymore. Although, she has been hanging out in Thailand since them pandemic started if you are wondering where she is now.

So grab your drink of choice, take a break for a few minutes and enjoy the latest interview..

Who are you and how did you discover fire?

I´m Carmen, author of a Spanish Blog about Investing in crowdlending.

I discover FIRE a few years ago when I start taking seriously my finance education. I randomly found that movement, I don´t even remember now where to be honest when I think back.

I have always been paid “per hour” and some years ago, I had a corporate job.  Then I started working as a freelance writer and I was getting paid “per hour” or “per project”, which anyway means you have to spend X number of hours to receive a fixed amount of money.

I realized this is not what I want or need.

I´ve been travelling around the world for the past 4 years. I achieved location independence.  Now I want to achieve financial independence!

What is the backbone of your fire strategy?

My strategy is to generate passive income, as much and as passive as possible..

Every month I worked a bit less for clients and a bit more to create my passive income. I wrote a few books: 33 Tips for Working Remotely, 33 Practical Tips for Public Speaking and I published other titles under a pen name.

I´m working in several income streams at the same time. I believe it is important to divide and be diversified.

I don´t go crazy saving a lot of money, I want to keep the balance of having a good life every day and not just waiting for retirement to enjoy life. I do save though some money every month and I invest it in crowdlending, crypto and stocks.

What do you plan to do once you reach FI?

I plan to keep travelling and working every day less and less until I won´t have to work anything at all.

My life will probably not change a lot from now, with the only and important difference I will not have to spend hours in front of my laptop, and I will be free to spend my time on interesting projects that are not necessarily profitable.



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I hope you enjoyed this latest Interview,

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