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It is time for another interview post and this time I asked the amazing Aoife Gaffney of ‘Prudence Moneypenny Coaching’ if she would like to interview on FireDave and she accepted the invitation.

For anyone who doesn’t know; Aoife is a Certified Behavioural Money Coach (CMC), Accredited Business All Stars Thought Leader, professional speaker and and former financial adviser.

I literally would need an entire blog post alone to list Aoife’s impressive set of qualifications, certificates and diversified areas of interest. Not to mention she is a 3 time international best-selling author! To view these click here

Aoife combines all of these elements into a holistic and balanced approach to FIRE.

Aoife will also be a key speaker on the upcoming live FireDave event. She will offer tools as to; how you can identify unconscious beliefs that are possibly holding you back from having what you want, a brief introduction to the benefits of peer to peer lending and how to love the lever.


I asked the same 3 key interview questions as I do with everyone on FIREDAVE – Here are the Q & A, in a shorter than usual format with the upcoming FIRE event in mind, enjoy..


Who are you and how did you discover fire?

I am Aoife Gaffney, Founder of Prudence Moneypenny Coaching

A coaching business run by women for women focusing on EWE ‘Ease Wealth Empowerment’ –

I only discovered the expression FIRE a few years ago but I have been on this road for many years.
I get lost from time to time but I keep going, asking for directions from time to time.

I might have had the map upside down a few times.

My interest in becoming more empowered with my money came from being left in substantial debt twice as the result of relationship breakdowns.

I had repeating patterns of behaviour that were coming from my beliefs at that time.


What is the backbone of your fire strategy?

My big WHY.. If your big why does not make you cry, it’s not big enough.

A focus on abundance and a healthy wealthy mindset.  We get what we focus on, if you focus on lack and not enough, unfortunately you will get more of that.  While it  might sound over simplistic, if you are in a “not enough” mindset, focus on all of the good stuff in your life and keep a gratitude journal.

Self education – I invest heavily in my own education.  I spend about an hour or so a day reading or researching something money related.

Track everything. I track all my income, regardless of where it came from and also all of my spending.  I have a dislike of the term “budget” so I use personal wealth building plan” instead.

I love starting with what’s coming in first because this put my brain into an abundant mindset.

I plan my spending in advance and spend in alignment with my spending plan rather than my bank balance.  It takes a bit of practice and I am always making adjustments but so what?  Done is better than perfect.

What do you plan to do once you reach FIRE?

It’s not like the finishing line of a race.  It’s a constantly evolving journey of discovery. FIRE represents the freedom to choose how I spend my time.

Great questions, I love the idea of set questions for everyone so what do you before enlightenment – chop wood, what do you do after enlightenment – chop wood!

My burning desire is to set up a non profit, I have an idea but it needs a bit more structure.

I have a few mad ideas like living in a house boat for a bit and travelling across Canada in a camper van.


So there you have it a flavour of Aoife from Prudence Moneypenny Coaching in a ‘to the point’ interview format.

If you want to hear Aoife speak live do head over and reserve your spot at the Live event click here


As always, feel free to leave your comments below.

The March 6th 2021 Live Fire Event is now over you to still watch the recording with Aoife and more click here

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