Currency Fair are offering a €50 bonus to send money!


CurrencyFair is a money transfer service (just like Wise, Skrill, Azimo, etc.)

They have a €50 bonus for new users when making a transfer of at least €2000

(or equivalent in another currency, ~ £1710 depending on the exchange rate).

After fees your net bonus should be between around €40. Great for Irish residents sending money to the UK (receive into Revolut UK IBAN for example) click here

Easy Steps:

  • Use this invite link
  • Verify your account (ID)
  • Send at least €2000 (or equivalent in another currency, to be safe you can just do a little euros more, the fee is €3). You can for example send it from your UK bank account in pounds to your EU euro account (for example Revolut or TransferWise). The fee for sending is €3.
  • After the transfer is completed you will receive €50 on your CurrencyFair account. You can request payout to your EU or UK bank account (€3/£2.50 fee).

After it arrives on your account like this you can withdraw it to your bank account!

Contact me if you need any more info.