Frequently Asked Questions…

Q – What is FIRE and what does it stand for?

A- Financial Independence Retire Early check out this page

Q – Do you host Live events?

A – yes I host regular live events worldwide on the event website,  central resource to help you reach Financial Independence and Retire Early through live events, interviews and news. Learn strategies, and tips relating to Financial Freedom in Ireland within a European context with overlap worldwide! Click here

Q – Can I interview for the website?

A – Please visit the contact us section, and fill out the form providing some details about your FIRE journey and we will contact you back.

Q – Do you provide coaching services?

We do not advertise 121 coaching. If someone has an individual or group requirement please contact us with your requirements and someone will get back to you.

Q – What qualifies you as a blogger?

A – I do not operate the typical ”Do as I say, not as I do!” principle. I am sincerely passionate about the FIRE movement and would never coach another person on something I have not or would not do myself.

Q – How long will it take me to FIRE?

A – This is a great question and everyone’s situation is different and the environment is constantly changing around us. I have provided a few example time frames on the ‘How to start Fire’ page under the section

Q – Do you provide ways to make money and save money?

A – This is a great question I set up ways to make money online from home and have put together a handpicked offers wall. Here you will find free cash rewards, sign up bonus and referral codes for quick ways to claim cash online.

Q – What is the quickest way to reduce my expenses?

A – We operate a free service over at Dolphin Utilities where you can request a call back from one of our energy experts to switch and save on your home energy (electricity and gas bills) and your landline and broadband supplier. Click here

Q – Do you have an example spreadsheet for tracking things?

A – Yes, Please click here to access the FREE Cash Flow Budget Tool

Click here

Q – How do I calculate and simulate retirement?

A – Yes, Please look at the interview with Jorge which includes a FREE link to the Retirement Simulator

Click here

Q – Can you provide Financial and Tax advice?

A – I am not a qualified financial or tax advisor, I am a FIRE life coach and any financial decisions or actions you decide to take are of your own free will.

Q – Is there a community I can join and get help?

A – You can join our Tribe community and get access to the trusted coaches and mentors. Access all the financial, self-improvement and self-development information; from getting out of debt, saving, budgeting and investing to retiring early. All organised and structured clearly for you. Click here

Q – What is your goal or vision?

A – Simple: “To inspire others through my own inspiration”

Q – How can I support or donate to Fire Dave?

A – If you want to support the site you can donate here

Q – Are you on social media?

A – Yes we are and we post regularly

Instagram: @firdaveg
Facebook: @FireDaveG

Q – How can I contact you?

A – Please use the contact form here

Q – Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

A – Yes, I post on average just once a month you can subscribe here