Instant scratch card reward €1 – €100


SwissBorg is is a cryptocurrency finance app made in Switzerland, owned by the World.

With this wealth management app simply deposit €50 cash into your account (any currency supported) and you get an immediate reward of between €1-€100 (scratch to reveal) – then withdraw your €50 deposit out plus your cash reward amount to your bank.. easy!

I’ve personally been rewarded €93

So in my opinion it is worthwhile to sign up!



Easy Steps..

    • Deposit €50 in to your account – Many currencies are supported such as USD, (ensure deposit works out to be €50) ..See below instructions how to deposit
    •  You can then claim your reward ticket, sell your BTC reward and withdraw all the cash to your bank account in your local currency
    • Withdraw it all back to your bank or leave it invested, up to you.

      How to Deposit €50

  • In app click Deposit
  • Then click Deposit Fiat (euro)
  • Click on SWIFT tab and here is the IBAN, swift & reference to send €50 to
  • Most people make the €50 international transfer from Revolut or N26)
  • Type in your reference number when sending (this is under the SWIFT iban on your swiss app)

    Good luck!

Fee charged is about €2 total

This is a great way to get started with Crypto and use free money to invest and learn about the currency and markets quickly.

Withdraw Money


  • Click on Portfolio & currency Euro
  • Click Withdraw (back to Revolut etc)

Verse is offering an instant €5 cash out – exact steps read here