Verse money transfer service app offering a €5.01 bonus!


Get the app on your phone as I’m sure most of you are aware of the money transfer app verse but if you aren’t they are currently offering €5.01 free cash when you sign up. Once you have done this you can then refer your friends and family members and you both get another €5 again each time with this great referral program! Verse also gives you free money on your birthday and special occasions 🙂

There is zero commission to instantly send money between your friends using Verse which makes it great.

What to do

Use ref link (below & enter code XTP9JB) and simply transfer €5 to myself or anyone else on verse

I’m your friend

(Save me as a phone contact first +353 852563377) – I am partnered with Verse (Ireland Ambassador)

I will send it straight back to you and you will be credited the €5.01 extra cash straight away. Then you can withdraw the entire balance back to your bank – simple!


Easy Steps..

  • Use this invite link
  • Download app & Verify your account (form of ID) in minutes
  • Enter Promo Code XTP9JB (click profile circle top right app screen)
  • Send €5 to me as a contact (My verse name is $daveg8)
    I will send you the €5 straight back to you straight away
  • Immediately you will be credited an extra €5.01 by Verse.

Next you can withdraw the full €10.01 balance straight into to your bank account, enjoy!!

Payment Proof

Withdraw Money


  • Click the two arrows (bottom right of app)
  • Make a transfer
  • Type in the amount to transfer to your bank

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