BitPanda are offering 2 promos pocketing you 15

BitPanda is a cryptocurrency exchange and is running two great promotions that will profit you €15!

  1. Sign up, then buy €27 worth of cryptocurrency. Immediately sell cryptocurrency – €10 reward

  2. Complete Beginner quiz on BEST cryptocoin – €5 reward

Easy Steps:

Tip: A few money exchange apps don’t support Bitpanda for money transfers.
I recommend using Skrill, which does. You can kill two birds with one stone, by taking advantage of their ref offer! See

  • Use this invite link
  • Once the €27 hits your account, purchase Bitcoin with it.

  • Instantly then sell Bitcoin, and check your BitPanda wallet to see your €10 reward!

  • For your next reward click here and take the “BEST” cryptocoin beginner quiz.

  • You will receive a further €5 reward immediately deposited into your BitPanda Wallet

  • lastly, withdraw your entire balance back to your bank account 🙂

I have completed the above steps and been paid both rewards!

Contact me if you need any more info.