How to use?

FIRE retirement simulator includes crash stress test feature!

The easiest way to understand how to use the Retirement Simulator is to read the user guide on the last tab of Google Sheets. Click here


Easy Steps (1 – 2 – 3)

  1. Make your own copy and start with a naïve scenario.
  2. Enter your yearly income and expenses, zero out the retirement contributions and investments.
  3. Run the simulation.

Play steps (1 – 2 – 3)

Note: You’ll see that your savings will not go very far after retirement.)

  1. Change some parameters, for example add a pension contribution, and see how it affects the outcome.
  2. 2. Add life events: buy a house with a mortgage (the guide page explains how to do that), invest in ETFs or Trusts. Maybe add a rental property.
  3. Play around with parameters like return on investments and inflation, see if your plan survives unfavourable scenarios.

Check out the FIRE Retirement Simulator

Note: The Retirement Simulator has been provided courtesy of Jorge my first official interview guest!

Thank you. Read the full interview Jorge Interview (Retirement Simulator) | FIRE Dave