Have a Vision

The path to wealth, abundance and financial freedom starts with having a clear direction of where you want to go and then creating goals to tick off on the way.

The old saying that “It is a journey, not a destination” starts with knowing what you value. Write down your high level (non tangible value list and compare it to your partner).

When you can have a clear vision of what you want, you can start to plan how to get there by reverse engineering the process.

Everyone has unbelievable dreams and values.. embrace your inner child and let him/her influence where you are going. As children we dream and think larger than life and possibilities are endless – It is only as adolescents and adults that we start to apply conditioning from society, environment, belief systems and influencers in our life that causes us to lose sight of our true needs and wants, and who we really are!

When you are crystal clear about your vision you will naturally find the energy and motivation with a change of mindset to execute on your new life, and start living on your own terms.


Cash Flow Budget

To start you on the FIRE journey I have created a a FREE Budget spreadsheet on Google Docs <click here> and download a copy and start putting in your numbers.

Simply enter your starting money and income after tax (net), total up all your expenditures over an average month and the spreadsheet with calculate the yearly figures.



I have added in a calculation of your current ‘percentage savings rate’.

  • Savings rate of 50% Retire in 17 years
  • Savings rate of 60% Retire in 12.5 years
  • Savings rate of 70% Retire in 8.5 years
  • Savings rate of 75% Retire in 7 years

Start tracking you expenses today and remember to always Pay Yourself First.

The fastest way to boost your savings rate is to reduce your expenses.


Frugal Mind

Anyone who wants to get their savings rate up to 50-70% will need to adopt a frugal mindset. 

This is very different to being cheap! Frugality looks at getting maximum value for money and making your euros work for you. 

Once you have entered the cash flow numbers you can play with the values to see how to make this work for you. Becoming intentional about your spending is so important and asking the question “does this purchase or item bring me happiness”?

It is proven that buying experiences creates long lasting memories that do show improvement is actual levels of happiness over and over again, whenever the memory is recalled, much more than simply buying ”stuff”.

It is good practice at this stage to spend lavishly on the things you truly get value from and cut back without mercy on things you don’t value!


Increased Earned Income

If you are PAYE work out your worth in the industry and try and negotiate a pay rise at work. Or consider changing jobs and working at another company or a new career with more income.

Look at your tax situation and see how you can make it more efficient and reduce where possible,

Outside of your day job or self employment hours, there is lots of time to build up your side hustle income to add to your army of euros.


Here are a few examples –

  1. Sell stuff online
  2. Nixers (Get a part time job)
  3. Online Surveys
  4. Affiliate networking
  5. Market Research
  6. Rental Income
  7. Deposit Interest
  8. Social welfare payments
  10. Income from trusts
  11. Dividends
  12. Fees & Commissions


Calculate your FI Number

Once you know your yearly expenses you can use the 4% rule!

For example 40,000 euro x 25 is your FI number.

This would be 1,000,000 and the concept is that you can ‘safely’ draw down 4% from the portfolio for years to come which is 40k with a low chance of running out of money – deemed the ‘safe withdrawal rate’.

The 25x rule was published in The Trinity study an influential 1998 paper by three professors of finance.


Investment Options

There are different investment vehicles that you can use and a combination approach offers diversification.

When investing there are short term and long term strategies and the % return on investment is important along with fees and costs. Such as (Pension, Stock Market, Property, P2P Lending, Saving Products).



So may be wondering when is the best time to start and simply, the best time is when you are a teenager and can benefit from years of compound interest and actual time in the markets…


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