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Welcome! I'm Fire Dave and I help people on the Financial Independence Early Retirement lifestyle journey.
I provide unique interviews with people worldwide showcasing their individual financial challenges and Early Retirement success' to some Personal Health Transformations.
Solve the money problem and we essentially buy Time back. Our only true asset!
I host regularly LIVE fire events with key speakers from the community and provide a monthly newsletter with latest news and updates once a month you can subscribe to.
You will find pension resources, retirement calculators, budget planners, FIRE blog articles and specialist investment guides. The dedicated Money section provides exact steps for saving and making money to help you on your FIRE journey.
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"A central resource to help you reach Financial Independence and Retire Early through live events, interviews and news"
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Credentials: Certificated Life and Executive Coach Certificated Proctor Gallagher Consultant...

Ania Makowska

Life coach

Credentials: Credentials Certified Money Coach, Qualified Financial Adviser, Honours Masters...

Aoife Gaffney

Coach for women

Credentials: Hermy is a certified life coach and financial coach....

Hermy Gao

Expats Coach

Credentials: Morgan is a practicing Financial, Lifestyle and Career coach....

Morgan O’Connell

Financial Coach

Credentials: Kel is an accredited QFA, Book Author, Blogger and...

Kel Galavan

Coach & Mentor

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