One of the best investments you can make today is in yourself and your learning.  To solve our problems we must reads books, to learn about money, mindset and self development. Whether you are just starting your Financial Independence journey or already on the path, I have provided a link to three books I personally recommend

Books are tools and ‘readers are leaders’; so if you want to succeed you need to read. What you study and what you read helps you become what you want to be.

You might say “Well I don’t have time to read books Dave, I have kids, and I’m too busy”, and I say to that; Everyone has time to read! If you read ten minutes a day for thirty days, that’s one book a month, and twelve books a year…  So you can do in one year what most people do in five years!


Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert Kiyasaki

This book details the reason people struggle with financial problems and the idea that people spend years in school learning nothing about money! As you go through the book it becomes clear that in school you learn to be a good student and employee and then spend your entire life “working for money” (Poor Dad idea). On the other hand from the (Rich Dad) perspective, you learn that financial independent people “learn to put money to work for them”.

I have provided a link to the book here:

Your Money Or Your Life

by Vicki Robin

This is a classic book that you can read and re-read especially if you are looking for simple explanations of concrete ways to observe your own connection with the material world. The concepts here are time proof and the book outlines nine steps for “transforming your relationship with money”. This is critical to the mindset required to build and hold wealth long term. If you are ready to shake the foundations of your life, this valuable book could be for you. Essentially this book is not really about money. It shows you what your are exchanging your life energy for in any moment.

I have provided a link to the book here:

Four Hour Work Week

by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live anywhere, and Join the New Rich – this book romanticizes making the seemingly impossible, a reality!  It’s sold more than 1.3 million copies and has been translated into 35 languages. The book incorporates the theme of engineering your own lifestyle design in almost any circumstance. if you want to become more effective while embracing entrepreneurship, then use this book to learn smart tips for simplifying your life, automating your work, being more effective with your email/communications, cutting down on interruptions, and using your time to actually achieve something meaningful. In fact I cannot recommend this book enough.

I have provided a link to the book here:

Financial Freedom

by Grant Sabatier

A proven path to All the Money You Will Ever Need..

I have provided a link to the book here:

Meet the Frugal Woods

by Elizabeth Willard Thames

Achieving Financial Independence through Simple Living

I have provided a link to the book here:

The Meaningful Money Handbook

by Peter Matthew

Everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to secure your financial future

I have provided a link to the book here:

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