Interview: Caraldine Nolan – Beach walking was like climbing a cliff!


I am Fire Dave, and strongly advocate Health as part of my holistic approach to FIRE which allows us to design a lifestyle around what we care about and want. I support the 4 pillars of life and the ‘Health pillar’ is one that affects the other areas of our life. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health!

We are all on our own personal journey through life and Caraldine’s health transformation stood out to me, from taking medication that ended up unfortunately causing her side effects and rapid weight gain in a short period of time that she did not expect to become ill as a result.

Caraldine’s story show us how she was  able to tackle this though a variety of new habits including quality food, sleep, exercise and a resilient mindset.  It really shows that where there is a will there is a way. This is not a story of vanity, it is one of struggling to walk on the beach when out with family and friends and saying:

“I want to try and change this, something doesn’t feel right to me”.

Everyone’s path is different and Caraldine used the support of her doctor and local weight watchers group to asses her situation and to begin making changes. I like this story because it is not just focussed on the physical self. Well done Caraldine!

Who are you and what was the catalyst to make changes to your health and fitness?

Hi Dave, My Name is Caraldine Nolan I am Mom and a wife of 3 children.

In 2014 I had I gained weight from medication when I was Ill. This process went on for a couple of years . I had gained 5 stone from the medication.

At first I didn’t really want to make a change it was easier to stay the way it was.

On a family day out to the beach I really struggled coming up a what felt a cliff and everyone was the family were laughing. I decided that day was the last time it would happen. It really did feel so hard to me.

What is/was the backbone of your health changes?

A joined another slimming club and it didn’t work I went to speak with a doctor who advised weight watchers. I joined on my 1st week I lost 5lbs. I continued my Journey and in one year I lost 6 stone 9lbs.

I believe I was so success because we focused on the four pillars during my journey. Food Sleep Exercise and mindset. Mindset is a big part of my Journey as I say if its all ok up above the rest will follow.

At the time my children were quiet small and had additional needs I didn’t have time for much physical activity so this really helped at times I could focus on the other pillars.

What strategies, tips and habits did you form and how did they help you?

I love to bake and I found this a brilliant part of my journey. It was economical and a brilliant way to help me feel like I was accomplishing something.

I used to look up my favourite recipes and find ways to create and recreate them. I absolutely loved how the family loved baking and recreating takeaways and of course once I was seeing my results that was a great encouragement.

What were the challenges mentally, physically and emotional day to day you overcame?

Near the end of my Journey I had operation for an ileostomy bag as an emergency. This slowed down my loss. I had to stay at the same weight for a while to make sure I could Maintain. I still continued my journey and once I got the go ahead I then finished the remaining of my journey. I have lost a total of 7 Stone 4 Pounds. I since became a WW Coach and have not regained the weight in 3 years and I believe it is the 4 pillars that help me maintain it. Its a way of life x

I wish continue my Journey and help as many people as I can through my coaching virtually, in person or on the phone to be where they would like to be.
I have a healthy BMI and continue to keep this going forward.

What are some books, Podcasts or YouTube channels you recommend?

I love Instagram and I also used hash tags to find recipes!
I follow some pages such as Home | The Daly Dish (
I also run My VW & In Person Workshop Schedule Monday

Fun fact about you?

Funfact I got an A in Home Economics and currently have 3 Airfryers 🤣🙈

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