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For this interview I speak to Aaron “Mr MFI” from the Managing Financial Independence website and I love Aaron’s motto “Crush debt, build wealth, grow personally, live happily.”

Sometimes in life things happen that cause us to search out new ideas, strategies for increasing savings, avoiding the lifestyle inflation with consumerism through to retirement planning and possible Financial Independence. I equally had a realisation moment while actively seeking a way out of life’s rat race and the system that keep us trapped for years.

We all have own own reasons for pursuing FI and Aaron will explain why he is walking his own path to freedom, whilst keeping a minimal stress outlook on life here, enjoy:

I asked Aaron to be one of 6 live event speakers January 10th 2022 as he is based in the US which will give another perspective on FIRE from a

Who are you, and how did you discover fire?

I’m a 41 year old living in the eastern US, married with a wife and a rescue dog Evie. I’m an engineering manager in a large communications company by day and an FI blogger for fun on the side. I grew up not being taught about money, debt or investing and discovered an interest in it on my own.

When my mom died at 63 years old it was a reality check that I needed to get more serious about my future and retirement savings.

Along the way I came across “The mad fientist” podcast which somehow led me to a Mr. Money Mustache world domination summit video about financial independence. That video was the “what is this!?!” moment where I started to learn about this other option in life to work towards called FI.

I usually leave out the RE part because I think I’ll always work in some capacity. I want time and location flexibility along with the ability to work on things that interest me even if they don’t make money.

What is/was the backbone of your fire strategy?

We’re mostly in stock index funds in a combination of 401k’s, Roth and brokerage accounts. We’re upper middle class income with a good control of our expenses so we can save about 50% of our gross income a year. I’ve begun to add 1-2% crypto (BTC, ETH) to our portfolio in 2021.

What do you plan to do once you reach Financial Independence (FI)?

I really have a passion for helping others and love the puzzle of helping people figure out a plan for their finances. As such, my current plan is to work towards my series 65 certification which will let me become an advice only financial planner. I’d like to work for myself creating financial plans for others and teaching them money fundamentals along the way.

On the lifestyle side..

“My wife and I plan to sell most of our stuff and travel around the US in an RV seeing where we might want to settle down one day.

How else do you figure that out unless you slow travel and live in many places?

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Stop buying stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t know. It’s not going to make you happy!

Contact info: (website, social media links)

Twitter: @ManagingFi

What are some books, podcasts or YouTube channels you recommend?

Books: Simple path to wealth, Psychology of Money, I will teach you to be Rich.
Podcasts: ChooseFI, Afford Anything
YouTube: Two sides of FI, Our Rich Journey

Fun fact about you?

I run trail ultramarathons and only started running 4 years ago. The longest being 50 miles so far. I love the physical and mental challenge along with the joy of being outdoors in the woods for long periods of time (See above photo).

Thanks Aaron, I agree with your one piece of advice about buying less stuff, does more and more stuff really make us happy in the end?! See you January 10th..

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