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My next interview took place with João Oliveira. I got to know João through the Financial Independence Dublin meetup group. I was very interested in the massive amount of knowledge and experience of Bitcoin that João has built up.

I asked the exact same 3 key interview questions as usual and this full Q & A is below:

Who are you and how did you discover fire?

I’m an IT developer. I discovered FIRE after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books and realising that I needed to learn more about Irish tax laws and private retirement plans.

What is the backbone of your fire strategy?

Quick gains upfront investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum and posterior diversification into more traditional assets like real estate.
Build my company’s reserves in order to defer salaries and buy myself time whenever I need to stop working in order to spend time looking for opportunities in the market.

How do you plan to spend time when you are FI, and any plans?

Relocate my family to a sunny country and lower cost of living.
Spend more time managing passive income assets like real estate.
Travel more often and meet with like minded people.

As you see from the 3 interview questions I have asked the guests on the blog, there are many different way to FIRE and each strategy is different. It is amazing to explore the various paths each of us are taking to hit a common goal and move in a similar direction.

I have came across other people in the FIRE community who look to build a portfolio they can live off, and then relocate to a place where the cost of living is lower. This is a great example of the independence that FI offers members of the community, where location dependence is no longer as issue and the real exploration can begin..

Thank you João for sharing this!

There is a link to the book Joao mentioned on the Books section Click here

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  1. Vanessa

    Bitcoin at $33k. You must be FI now for sure?

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