Save money, Make money hacks!

We know that we need to save more and get as much value for money whilst being intentional about our spends.

In the Resources section on the website I created a page called Quick Saving Tips and have begun adding links to money making and saving hacks that I use myself. I want this section to be organic and grow with the readers of the website, so please feel free to comment below. Let me know the best money saving websites you use and how they are beneficial, so we can all share them within the FireDave community and beyond.


Until 05.01.21 you can buy a 7.99 mobile membership, after this it starts from 9.99 which is still incredibly cheap. There is no contract and the relaunch of the 48 mobile network package includes 100GB data, All calls, All Texts + 10GB EU/UK roaming. This is a super deal for most people. If you use the link below what ever you top up for example 7.99 you also get 7.99 free credit to use on a different month of your choice. Every person that you refer you also get whatever they top up first time!

Click here to sign up


Sometimes we need to make an international money transfer and for this purpose I always use TransferWise. First of all the transfer rates are super competitive, if you google the exchange rate at any moment (such as Euro to Sterling) and then check your TransferWise account there is not much difference. If you use the link below, register and make your first transfer (between 250 – 500 euro) there is zero fee to pay. Now that’s as great money saving tip!

Here is a link to your zero fee transfer


If you want to MAKE money and quickly, I scoured the internet for an entire day looking for a survey website that was extremely easy to use, a very small time required to complete a survey (as little as 1 minute sometimes) and pays out immediately. I found SurveyTime, I have used it hundreds of times and I choose Paypal as the pay out option. There is no minimum payout requirement and it’s instant payment.. Each survey pays 1 dollar and it goes into your paypal within seconds of completing the survey. Then just transfer the money straight to your bank account!

Get instant 1 dollar payment here


In terms of investing on the path to Financial Independence, I personally use Degiro for online stock broking. The fees are very low and you can trade on any exchange in the world in any currency very quickly. The website and app are very user friendly and has loads of great features. Degiro also how a great variety of videos that show you how to get started. With the link below you get 20 euro credit as soon as you have spent that in fees refunded back to you!

Start investing with 20 euro credit back


Respondent is a company that pays you to participate in research studies. Their structure is much different than most online survey sites and apps. Respondent facilitates one-on-one consumer research studies and focus groups, both in-person and online, they pay into Paypal and I have never had an issue with being paid, which I then transfer to my bank account. You can make 140 dollars in one participant interaction. Worth checking it out, and make sure you use a valid email. Get started using the link below

Start getting paid to participate here

I have personally used and tested each of the above money saving and money making sites multiple times. I hope you can benefit from one or more of these and as I said at the start please, comment with your own website tips and hacks and let me know how they help you 🙂

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