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I wanted to share this event testimony by Anne O’Sullivan who has attended every live FIRE event to date that I have hosted. First I decided to dig out a few photos from some of the recent FIRE events to show case the talent and incredible people who have came to speak live and share the message of Financial Independence and Early Retirement with us to date from all over the globe, there are simply too many to mention you all, thank you!


Stats from Our Second Nomadic Year - Our Nomadic FIRE Life (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Fire Dave Live Events Testimony

As a member of the Limerick Fire Meetup, I have attended the FIRE Dave Live events, as one of the perks of being part of such an active and engaged group of people. Thanks to these events, I’ve gained insights on how other people are achieving their goals while enjoying the strong sense of community during events. It’s great that the speakers are excellent in bringing a dry subject like personal finance to life by telling us about their own experiences along the way to achieving their goals. They are also helping to create a safer space to discuss subjects such as debt, investing, budgeting to name but a few.

To date, some of our speakers gave us insights into their journey towards achieving FIRE and how they are progressing once they achieved their goals. Alvar Damon informed us on his journey to achieve FIRE while living a frugal lifestyle in the UK. Michael Houghton, and Meagan (aka Mrs Money Hacker) discussed what it’s like to work towards FIRE in Ireland, compared to doing the same thing abroad.

Travel nomads such as Tim and Amy, Chris and Steve of EatWalkLearn showed us what it’s like to live life at the other side of FIRE once they have achieved this.

Just to remind us of the importance of mindset while working towards goals, Dave G, Aaron (Mr MFI), Miroslav Jedinák gave us some tips on this. I’ve found it helpful to be reminded of the importance of intentionally setting habits in achieving goals.

I was reminded of the need to enjoy the journey, given that achieving FIRE is a marathon and not a sprint. I found it interesting to learn from Aaron the idea of making one’s experiences pay back to create good memories by reliving those experiences later. This is unusual in that I haven’t come across the idea of spending money on experiences so as to get value out of those experiences later in anything I’ve read about FIRE to date.

Emer Farrell, Kel Galavan, Ruth Whelan, Ann Marie Gaynor(@Irish Budgeting Mammy) showed us how they got out of debt, which is helpful for anyone in similar situations. I learned many tips on budgeting, meal planning, frugality as well as hope that if they can achieve their goals, then I can too!

Alan Purcell, Meagan crunched the numbers for us during their presentations. From Alan, I’ve learned more about my personal tax rates. Meagan showed me various scenarios if I invest in various categories of products. Michael Houghton showed us ways of increasing our incomes in 2022.


I enjoy the structure of the events to keep everyone active and engaged. The interactive straw polls held before the short break before each speaker’s session is a nice way of introducing each speaker’s presentation, before the speaker proceeds to discuss that topic. The giveaways by each speaker when people mention their buzzwords in the Zoom chat really increases the fun at events, as well as the chats that happen after all speakers have finished presenting.

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Future Events

I am already planning out the next two live events and based on your survey feedback will be having 4 speakers per event going forward maximum and continue to be sponsored by Dolphin Utilities. If you wish to subscribe so you never miss a live event click here

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