Live FIRE Event, January 10th 2022 (Readers Promo Code)


“Helping you FIRE & RETIRE quicker 2022”

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Aaron Smykowski – Mr MFI. Managing

Topic: Happiness Dividends: Making Your Experiences Pay Back

Aaron runs the blog Managing FI which is focused on helping educate people about both finances and money mindset topics to help them pursue their own FI dreams. He is an engineering manager by day with a passion for teaching and helping others improve. At 30 Aaron divorced and had a pretty minimal net worth.  .. Read More

Anne-Marie Gaynor – Irish Budgeting Mammy

Topic: Broke single mum to debt free and now building wealth!

Ann-Marie, best selling book author of “The Budget Book”, owner of the site “Irish Budgeting Mammy” and mum of four children also works full time as a psychiatric nurse.

She will present on how getting a sense of control on your personal finances through her own experience of paying off debt whilst studying full time, losing job in recession and rebuilding her financial ground from scratch .. Read More

Alan Purcell: Cloud Tax & Accounting

Topic: Know your taxes in Ireland to move towards FIRE

Alan is a Chartered Accountant (Chartered Accountants Ireland) and is currently completing the Chartered Tax Advisor program with the Irish Tax Institute. Alan will present and discuss live the tax system in Ireland for individuals, to help give an understanding on how your taxes are calculated, when higher taxes kick in, where is the sweet spot to keep your tax liability down and help you save more towards your financial independence.. Read More

Michael: The Irish Fire Podcast

Topic: Early Retirement Made Possible

Michael, from the Irish FIRE Podcast explores various ways to increase your income in 2022. With remote work on the rise, new opportunities exist to increase your income to levels that will allow savings rates of 50% and beyond back again.. Read More

Miroslav Jedinák – Surprise FIRE
Topic: Surprise FIRE – Back by popular demand!

At the last live Fire Dave event Miroslav presented on how reading more than 150 books over a 6 year period and an excess of 1700 hours of listening time, countless podcast episodes, and blogs reading made Miroslav one of the most curious people in the FIRE community and is also back by popular demand request with a surprise topic for you .. Read More 

Ruth Whelan – Mrs Hawkins

Topic: Eternal Budgeting or Freedom With FIRE?

Ruth runs the blog Mrs. Hawkins House, which is focused on the topic of ‘family life on a budget’. She completed a no spend year in 2018 paying off a significant amount of debt. The concept of removing barriers to financial progress through shared knowledge and non-judgemental community is what she will present to us in this event… Read More 

All speakers exclusively interviewed on Firedave!
I look forward to being your event host and kicking of the new year with you the right way on January 10th 2022

Fire Dave 🙂

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