DEGIRO goes ZERO (New price changes and fees Ireland)

Where can I read the new DEGIRO fees?

New fees available here (Effective December 20th 2021)

Why is DEGIRO making all these improvements?

As we approach the end of 2021 DEGIRO has made it’s mission crystal clear. DEGIRO has made the capital market accessible to the everyday person allowing everyone to shape their own financial future. This is the basic concept of the Financial Independence and Retire Early. Already well known for incredibly low fees and DEGIRO provide instant access to probably the largest selections of products and exchanges.

What price changes & benefits to expect?

Effective immediately you can trade on US stock exchanges commission free.

For example: The New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and Toronto Stock Exchange.

Flat fee trading on the Irish Stock Exchange

When  trading on the Irish Stock Exchange a lot of the variable price components are gone and DEGIRO now charge a flat fee commission of €2 on stock & ETFs

This is great news and super attractive for FIRE enthusiasts and investors alike who make large regular trades even more attractive, known as Euro Cost Averaging to the market (or Dollar Cost Averaging).

Trading ETFs is still zero-fee

DEGIRO’s core offering of 200 select global ETFs still boasts zero fees!

No payment for order flow, no group orders only once a day

The latest improvements make DEGIRO Pan-European commission-free broker for the top stock exchanges. Great for very high volumes and low spreads, without hidden costs. With high trading volume DEGIRO have clearly took a cost leadership position in Europe.

Unlike other brokers DEGIRO do not sell your order flow to anyone, receive any payments from exchanges on these commission-free trades or settle your trades only once a day as a group order at suboptimal execution prices.

Flat fees on other exchanges

Fees for Tradegate Exchange, which allows early & late trading, and all other European exchanges will harmonise at a flat rate of €3.90 per trade. Asian-Pacific exchanges will cost a flat rate of €5 per trade. All bond transactions will have a flat rate of €2 per trade.

Transaction fee options & futures to €0.75 per contract

But that’s not all. The transaction fees for options and futures will be €0.75 per contract, among the lowest transaction fees for options and futures in the market.

External handling costs, currency exchange costs, margin loans

DEGIRO are absorbing the many external costs whilst maintaining a massive broad offering to you by removing the old variable fees structures. By only charging a small fixed and transparent fee of €0.50 per trade on all products (except for options & futures, our free selection of ETFs and Tradegate transactions) they can cover external costs, such as clearing and settlement costs, brokerage fees, contract note fees, regulatory expenses and execution costs.

From 20 December 2021,DEGIRO will charge 0.25% for automatic foreign exchange services, among the lowest FX rates in the market. Margin loans with allocation will be charged 3% per annum and 4% per annum without allocation.


Commission-free pricing is effective immediately, and the external handling fee 20 December 2021 when the new pricing model launches.

How can I open a DEGIRO account?

To open your free DEGIRO account

1. Click the link here
2. Lodge at least €1
3. Verify your account

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