Christmas Eve Reflections

As I write this blog post is 8.30am on Christmas eve and the end of 2020 is in sight!

Naturally at this time of year we all reflect back on the year and make our resolutions for 2021. There is so much I could blog about but I will just mention a few points. It is good to take stock of the positives and the wins no matter how big or small, you do not need to try and think of the negatives your brain will remember them for you very easily.

2020 was a year like no other, the world was engulfed in a global Corona Virus pandemic and fear and panic took over as people rushed out to buy plenty of toilet paper and stock pile food with no end in sight. As of today there is a vaccine which is being rolled out to the vulnerable and we face our third lockdown in Ireland.

The entire world has been shook, and everyone impacted in some way.

From a FIRE perspective I tried to treat the lockdown as a mini retirement test run, without the luxury of travel. Our household had significant reductions to our incomes; my wife was laid off and our tenancy incomes were at reduced amounts. One asset that I had more of was ‘time’.

Doing certain business during a pandemic is fantastic. For example my solicitor had less work than he normally would so we got very fast and quality service.

I set up and started learning about website creation, blogging etc. I was able to speak at the FIREHQ online FIRE event (which is still viewable as it was a recorded event) Click here is you missed it

In addition I spoke on a number of podcasts and there are a few more in the pipeline. From a blog perspective I have a running theme of interviewing (Just starting FIRE, On the journey and FI already). Asking them all the same 3 interview questions and publishing the various interviews to give you all the different ways people are living and breathing FIRE.

In terms of the 4 pillars of Life, my health has really improved in some aspects. Starting weight 2.5 years ago 130 kg. Today’s weight 102.6kg and my blood results are good. Adopting the principles of financial freedom such as playing the long game and incremental results that compound over time, I have seen similar results in my health, weight and vitality. I have given up on diets and 3 minute abs and just adopted a lifestyle change that is ok with me if I have a piece of chocolate one day.

I have created some amazing new relationships this year and I love networking with like minded people. I have taken on a few clients with the fire coaching and welcome anyone to book a 30min free chat with me Book here

I felt the lows and highs of the stock market rollercoaster this year from the 30% dip to the bull market return. I think DEGRO was one of my most frequently used apps this year and definitely fell victim to “having another quick look”

I spent a lot of time this year researching and reading. One person I found to be very interesting is Jordan Bernt Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. As an avid Mindset fan I really enjoyed diving deep into some of his lectures and watching his YouTube content.

There was a massive transfer of wealth this year which I found fascinating among the top richest people in the world. Just google it! The wealth of the richest increased during corona virus as the poor got poorer. Read here and And here

A final observation of 2020 is I enjoy giving money and things to people! There are 3 things you can do with money (save it, spend it or give it away). The feeling I had thing year with a increased amount of conscious giving is something I am going to do more and more of while I can 🙂

My final thoughts for 2020 in bullet point fashion:

  • “You can only control what you can control”.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress and detox from the Newsfeeds on your phone and TV from time to time. (Do not check the phone as soon as you wake up).
  • A recession can be a good time to start a Side Hussle and learn more about yourself.
  • Make good friends in life who have similar values to you.
  • To make money you need to work for a period of time, then let money work for you.
  • Health and Wealth are interchangeable
  • All stock market crashes recover
  • Do the opposite to what everyone else is doing
  • People need leaders in tough times
  • Family and friends are so very important to a long healthy life
  • Time freedom is our strongest asset
  • The government can put is all in a strict 2km radius house lockdown very quickly!
  • As Dave Ramsey says “What goes on in your house is more important than what goes on in the White House”

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families, stay safe and a massive thank you to each of you that reached out to me this year and everyone who simply checked in to follow my journey!

Christmas tree near fireplace in decorated living room

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