Why I launched the website?

The purpose of this blog post is to explain why I launched FireDave.com and what my goal is for the website.

Since I became a member of the FIRE community, I have met some incredible, inspirational and high performance people, I will not be able to mention everyone.

I do want to mention Michael Houghton creator of the Irish Fire Podcast whom I first met at the Limerick FI Meetup group, which I now co-host also. Just a few days ago I was privileged to have spoken on Michaels podcast and it was incredible to rub shoulders with such a forward thinking entrepreneur, so thank you and a special shout out!

You can find the website over at https://www.firepodcast.ie/

I have also been a member of the Dublin Financial independence Meetup group, owned by Vince Doherty, where I was welcomed and quickly had access to a community of FI enthusiasts where questions get answered, mostly in an Irish context – so thank you Vince!

You can head over to Vince’s website at https://ignitemyfire.ie/

I am delighted to also give a shout out to Mrs Money Hacker, who is a great ‘go to’ person for a thorough analysis of anything FIRE related. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to present detailed facts and figures to very complex questions and relay that to people in such a simple way.  Thank you!

You can find the website over at https://mrsmoneyhacker.com/

There are many more names I would love to mention.

I created FireDave.com to provide you with a bulletproof blueprint of How? What? Why? of what is needed to improve your life right now!

My goal is to always deliver my message from a place of passion and honesty, where failure is feedback and every no you get is one step closer to a yes!

I personally know the challenges we face physically and mentally in the sphere of life alongside the moments of joy and happiness we savour.

In the tough times, some of us are equipped better and able to go into our pain cave for longer than others. So solving the money problem really only creates ‘space’ and ‘time’ for us in order to get onto what really matters in life.

I love to help people connect the dots, network and create new ways of thinking and patterns of behavior. As a solution orientated person, my message is always positive one; its real and it looks at how you can win. I challenge you to consider what you can do to move closer to your goals daily.

I am simply not motivated by the financial reward, and if I make some money along the way that is cool. The old saying goes “Sometimes the view on the way up is better than the view at the top” so you may see some affiliate links and perhaps some monetized areas of the website in the future.  However my primary goal is to add value to everyone as I only keep what I have by in turn giving it away

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