We are all looking for faster, cheaper and more reliable ways to send money to friends, family and businesses anywhere in the world, anytime!

We need to transfer money from one currency to another from time to time and it can be confusing to know where to start. In this all in one review of Azimo we explore the features and benefits of the money transfer service and what tools are available to you..

Worldwide currency transfer is something thousands of people do across the globe daily yet is remains daunting and can be very expensive between banks, country to country. Unfortunately many of people are not aware of the hidden fees that are included in most international transfers. Once you use a bank, a currency broker, or perhaps a money transfer service there are two costs to consider:

  1. The service total cost to transport your funds
  2. The hidden cost of converting your money into another currency

Why choose Azimo money transfer?

The transfer time to get your money globally to any location and in any currency is super fast compared to the banks and Azimo’s global money transfer service issue the other person the funds they will need to make do, but how you choose to produce that transport may influence just how far you pay — and how much your receiver gets.

If you want to know more about Azimo please watch the video

Most people look to the some banks to start. However, banks frequently have extremely high prices and crazy exchange rates, which do not benefit from daily changes. As an alternative, comparing the rates using the dynamic money transport company Azimo is a great alternative which charges a modest commission, features a fantastic exchange rate, and has the ability to move your money fast!

Here are some reasons to choose a money transfer service instead of a bank.

  • Avoid high transfer fees!
  • Get better exchange rates!
  • Worldwide fastest transfer than others!
  • Apply quickly with an online form!
  • Pick up your cash anywhere!
  • Transfer money within days or hours!

To write a review article on online money transfer, we have taken user feedback, researched a lot about all money transfer platforms, and found the best money transfer platform for you. Guess what we found? Azimo, yes, you heard, right.

Azimo is arguably the fastest and popular money transfer platform now and super successful in the UK and across Europe. Azimo offers you the best offers to transfer your money worldwide. Now, let’s look up what’s Azimo provides for you

 Why Azimo is the best compared to others?

Azimo is a solution to transfer money globally, with ease and without incurring huge fees. The right vision drives it. Azimo describe their solution as “The money transfer service for hard-working people.” So, Azimo values your time and money the same way you do!

Azimo is on average 90% cheaper than the banks.

Azimo is also a handy and simple online money transfer supplier. It’s powered with a glossy site and designed mobile software to present its clients the freedom to send 200+ countries across the earth. Clients who used Azimo have commended it to their flexibility of charge systems from bank cards to debit cards into bank transfers. Additionally, the simple fact you could send as little as €50 and pay zero fees and access special rates makes the entire process so easier and fast for clients to regularly send small sums of money back and forth to larger scale transfers.

Besides online money transfer solutions, Azimo is passionate about connecting people to their loved ones worldwide when they need it most.

Steps to send money via Azimo

Steps to send money via Azimo


Azimo’s Key Features –

Extremely Low Transfer Fees

Fees eat into your money. Don’t waste your hard-earned money away in unnecessary expenses. Azimo has optimized its platform and processes to be efficient, which offers savings and removes unnecessary cost to you. They pass the benefits onto customers directly by charging zero or substantially lower fees as compared to other money transfer methods.

Azimo charges fixed or variable prices on its transports. On average, the fee falls between €1-10. For more Just have a look at how cheaper they are compared to others!

 Exchange Rates

Like many money transportation providers, Azimo charges a gross profit over the mid-market prices or interbank prices. Its margin is between 13%. Compared to that which banks charge an average, 5 percent, Azimo’s speed is demonstrably bank-beating. They allow their clients to lock at the rate for the whole transport period so you understand precisely how far the receiver can get.

Superfast Transfer

In Azimo, everything is concentrated on making money transfer cheaper, faster, and easier abroad from any place any time.

You want to transfer your money to someone. You know who to send it to, where to send it to and how much to send. Do you think there’s a logical reason for you to be kept waiting? No.

Azimo let’s you simply: Enter the amount, click transfer, and move on with your day. You have important things to do.

Azimo has instant transfers to 80+ countries and 24/7 delivery to selected countries (no weekend delays). You can send funds merely using a phone number.

Globally Trusted

Azimo has anti-fraud and encryption technology to safely transfer your funds. It is also regulated by financial institutions in the UK and the EU. It’s no surprise that Azimo has over 1 Million users in Europe.

You will find 24,000 reviews readily available on Trust Pilot. Typical score is 9/ 10. Less than 3% are complaints.

The massive majority of customer testimonials are tremendously favourable, hailing the organization for the easy and consistency of easy money transfers. Even the most frequent adjectives used to refer to the company were all around their promptness and how easy the full process was.

So Azimo is super trusted and the fastest way to transfer money. If you want to sign up in Azimo, click here.


Wait, when you sign up using our link and send €90 or more. You will get the following

  • First two transfers anywhere, NO FEES.  Yes, you heard right, it’s fully free.
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  • Special discount rates on the first two offers in addition to the normal discount

Now, let’s look up some pros & cons of Azimo..


  • Very competitive fees and exchange rates. The first two transfers are fee-free transfers and include special rates of 5% discount.
  • Send money to over 200+ countries, including China, Nigeria, etc.
  • You can track your status of transfer money.
  • Fast and intuitive UI. Easy registration.
  • 1 Million + user base. Well-established and regulated.
  • Comprehensive FAQ and support section to answer all your possible doubts.
  • Email and chat support, with in-app phone support available to customers in some markets.
  • Customer support available in 8+ languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Italian.


  • Fixed customer support timings make it slower to get your queries resolved. Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Although you can send money to 200+ countries, you can only send money from the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia

Final Thought

Azimo is just a superb option for people sending money back anywhere. Azimo’s service is interpreted in 10 distinct languages. Therefore, most people can use the service in their fluent language. Prices and exchange rates are so much more affordable than banks or currency transfer operators ordinarily. Azimo has served thousands and thousands of consumers, and there are endless good reviews on Trustpilot.

Azimo is the finest in its industry of providing a genuine remittance service. In reality, it extends a universal solution, together with a broader international advantage than some of its competitors.

The very best part? The withdrawal. Simultaneously, many organizations concentrate on the bank for financial solutions in individual states, which isn’t possible. That is really where Azimo’s model comes right into place. Mobile currency transfers for growing countries such as Kenya, where banking systems are somewhat shaky, and cash pickups during most Europe.

In terms of making money transfers easy platforms like Azimo make it very convenient and affordable for a people anywhere to quickly and reliably send money globally. Save time and fees by choosing a highly rated platform like Azimo…

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