January Review – FireDave, FireHQ and more!

The time is flying and it seems like a blink of an eye we were all seeing the new year in. Well we are one week into February and it’s time to review January 2021 and let you know what I have been up to..

So FireHQ.ie was launched last year in September and with a very successful launch I got to work on the line up for the second live event which is now scheduled for 6th March 2021 and kicks off at 5pm! With so many speakers to choose from the line up is strong and the website event page just went live and is now taking bookings click here

A massive thank you to Michael Houghton for the web development side and the other people involved in the background you know who you are!

FireDave.com first of all has a new look and feel as you will have noticed in recent weeks and I have had great feedback in relation to the FIRE community interview posts I have been conducting.  The idea was to interview people at different stages of their FIRE journey from anywhere in the world and all areas of life.  Fascinatingly, the stories are so unique and inspiring that it has drilled home to me the need for FIRE in the world.  I see again and again that there are so many ways to FIRE and live the lifestyle so I set up a separate section on the website just for Interview posts under Resources as it deserves it. Thank you everyone who has interviewed with me and feel free to contact me if you want to feature on an interview post, I will keep growing them so watch out for more click here

Make Extra Money? Seriously?! Let’s get real for a minute – we have to increase the gap between our income and expenses so we can save and invest more.  But, it is often so hard to find value for money and with so many different websites, apps and providers where should we begin.  So I created a list of links such as money transfer, bitcoin, mobile providers etc and if you sign up to them you can easily earn over €150 from the sofa and simply complete the required task click here

I have continued to coach 121 and my sessions are running over the scheduled sixty minutes however I give my entire self in each session and do not watch the clock if we are on a deep dive as this comes from a passionate motivation! I took on some new power coaching clients this year who booked through the free 15 minute chat and we both mutually decided to continue with sessions. If you fancy a 15min chat click here


Outside of coaching sessions I set tasks and reflection periods for my clients and I see over and over again how interlinked the 4 Pillars of Life really are and the importance of achieving harmony in all 4 areas. So, I also decided to set up a mini program available to everyone that focusses on; Health, Wealth, Relationships, Fulfilment one hour a week for four weeks!

*I am giving away a FREE FireHQ event ticket to everyone who books a mini program* click here

I volunteer at our local FI meetup and we had our monthly Zoom call at the the end of January. Some members of the FI group volunteered to take questions from Michael and myself whilst the rest of the members on the call gave feedback and healthy debate.

For the social media ones amongst us FireDave is on Facebook and I post regularly and welcome you to like and share click here

Before I sign off, remember that most of the time we are regretting the past or worrying about the future and we are not present in the here and now. If you are reading this blog post you are taking action and now part of an amazing community that is spreading throughout the world. I am honoured and grateful daily to be part of it. I get to speak to some incredible people nowadays who are focussed on “having life, not letting life have them”.. guys keep winning!

Send me a message or email anytime dave@firedave.com

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    Keep up the good work. All about the mindset!

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