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My most recent interview fascinated me so much that I I have just finished a 48 hour book binge reading “The One Thing” – by Garry Keller as recommended by my interview guest Miroslav Jedinák.  The material resonated with me so strongly that it is with deep gratitude that I post this interview to share with all my readers and followers.

In fact I was so impressed by the first book recommendation I have spent the last 12 hours of my 48 hour binge reading Miros’ second book reading recommendation of which I am 50% of the way through!

The background is that Miroslav Jedinák, is already FI (Financially Independent) and well progressed in multiple areas of his life leading to his current success.  What makes this so interesting is that Miros is not lying on a beach now instead he continues to strives for self-improvement and life optimisation whilst pursuing his passion and purpose and helping others where he can continuously.

Based outside of Ireland I was contacted by Miros via the FireDave website a few weeks ago and it was obvious to me that he is a super high performer.

I scheduled a call with Miros one evening and was delighted when Miros accepted the interview request, and answered the usual Fire Dave 3 questions.

This particular interview makes for an exceptional read!

So if you are ready to be inspired, in the usual FireDave interview format, sit back have a cup of tea, and enjoy..


Who are you, and how did you discover fire?

My name is Miro – Miroslav Jedinák, I am 38, I am married, father of 2 little kids (5 years old son and 3 years old daughter. I work as a Data & Analytics lead at Mondelēz International and I am obsessed with finding out how many Cadbury chocolates and Oreo cookies will you buy. I am also a real estate investor and fire enthusiast.
I discovered FIRE 4 years ago by accident and found out that I am well on my way to become financially independent – mostly thanks to my upbringing. I was fortunate enough to be influenced by loving parents who were responsible with money. Not extremely frugal, but they never spent more than they earned. And I observed and learned.
The discovery of the FIRE movement came as a result of something that I consider very important in life – curiosity and helping others. 5 years ago, I discovered audiobooks. And so, I started “reading” – while commuting, while jogging, while washing dishes – I used every moment to read more than 200 books during this period. I would do more, but then I discovered podcasts. And my curiosity grew more with every new information.
What did I listen to? I started with everything related to help me become better at doing my job. I was taught to be a good employer, to be a good person. To never say no, to work hard, to deliver more than is expected of me. And I struggled. I worked 50-60 hours a week, I thought it was my fault because I was not productive enough. I read everything about task prioritization, time management, habits building…
And then I found “the book” – The one thing – by Garry Keller. Excited by this concept I tried to find more from this author. And I found something I was not looking for – another bestseller – “The millionaire real estate investor”. From this moment onwards everything related to finances changed. And not only finance as better books focused more on optimization of life than just a narrow topic of money.
I started exploring different aspects of life – money management, investing, minimalism, zero waste, meditation, parenting, relationships, happiness, fitness, and diet – optimizing my life end-to-end.

What was the backbone of your fire strategy?

The first self-help book I have ever read was from Brian Tracy. In this book there is a wonderful quote from Jim Rohn – “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you’ll make a fortune.”
Mr. Tracy emphasize importance of investment in learning. It is amazing that people who save 100 EUR a month are contemplating about 6% vs 8% return on investment, but they would not even consider investing this money in 10 books that could make them earn 100 EUR/month extra simply by bringing more value to their customers and employers. 1200% return on investment p.a. I kept on investing – in books, in trainings, in mentors. There was always someone who already figured out what I was struggling with. Why to waste my time?
And the second pillar – do not just learn, apply the knowledge, optimize your life. I mentioned Gay Keller who comes up with a simple way of getting rich with real estate. And I thought – everyone could do it. It is easy to do it. So what’s the problem? It is also easy not to do it…
I followed his playbook. We already had 2 apartments which we were renting, it was time to buy the third one. Buy, get tenant in, stabilize. Keep adding value to your customers and to your employer, earn more, be smart with money, save more – for your next purchase. 2 years later – repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Few months ago, I realized – what if I can save my entire salary, what if I can give something to less fortunate, what if I can enjoy things that add value, one thing to my life? What if there is still something left? Is not this a financial independence?

How do you spend time now that are FI, and any plans?

I will be very honest here – I am figuring things out. I know already what is important to me. I had a chance last year to enjoy a semi-retirement. 28 weeks off – away from my colleagues, away from everyday tasks, away from stress.
And I was enjoying every moment of it…for about 3 weeks. But is not there more to “RE” portion of FIRE than sitting in a sofa, reading books, playing with kids, going for walks? I started missing my colleagues. I started missing those challenging tasks which bring satisfactions once delivered. I was missing that feeling of being useful to someone, appreciation coming from people around me. And I was missing some structure in my life. Waking up not knowing what to do, where to go and when – it sounds like dream coming through to someone, but not for me.
So what are my plans? There is something more important than financial independence and that is personal independence. It comes from the feeling of being so good that others cannot ignore you. Living life on your own terms.
What does it mean for me? Optimizing my work so that I can truly enjoy it. No overtimes. No work during the weekend. Choosing tasks, I like, saying no to tasks I am not enjoying. Spending time with family – as much as I want. And trust me, I do not want to be with my kids 24/7. I love them, but still… I love hiking, listening to music. And books – I love books – I would read one a day. I would meditate, I would do long water fast – 20 days and more.
You might have read the fisherman and business man parable. My suggestion to all of you – do not run away from something you dislike. Try to figure out what you want and do everything to pursue your dream life. So that you never need to retire from life that you love. Because this life is not a rehearsal for anything, this is it. Dream about your life and then – live your dream, every day. I will do the same.

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