Interview: Dr. Ailis Brosnan – Health, Fitness & A Plant Based Diet!


In line with my message of an overall holistic approach to life – today we will focus on the ‘Health & Fitness’ pillar and in this blog post we hear from the laser focussed Dr. Ailis Brosnan who popped up on my Instagram feed as someone who is helping women overcome challenges mentally, physically and emotional as a healthy living coach to help other people become more healthy, fit and vibrant.  Aiming to live well into the 100s as a centurion, make yourself an energizing freshly squeezed juice or smoothie and enjoy this interview.

Who are you and what was the catalyst to make changes to your health and fitness?

Hi, I’m Dr. Ailis Brosnan and I am a healthy living coach who helps women create healthy lifestyles. I was fortunate to grow up in a sporting family so health and fitness has always been some thing I have been passionate about. I went on to study 3 degrees in this area and have been working in this field for 30 years now!

What is/was the backbone of your health changes?

For me exercise is my number one priority and the one thing I will never sacrifice. To be honest, it is more for the mental health benefits than the physical. Personally I’ve gone through a tough four years and exercise has been my saviour. My training for my ironman triathlon had just started when my brother passed away suddenly 4 years ago – I wondered if I would be able to commit to the 6 months of training required after this but thankfully I did and it was the one thing that really helped me through the grieving process. Similarly I went through a very challenging separation 2 years ago and now with all the Covid drama, exercise keeps me sane and in good form – I’d be lost without it! My exercise for the week goes into my diary like any other appointment, it is that important to me.

What strategies, tips and habits did you form and how did they help you?

From my experience what works best is consistency, small steps but doing them regularly so they start to form habits. It’s the only way for lifelong health really. Otherwise, it is stop start attempts that never last. Really understanding your why too – why you want to achieve your particular health goal, getting to the core beliefs there, getting clear on your goals and then start to really see yourself achieve them. Lack of self-belief can be a big stumbling block for women who have been failed repeatedly by the dieting industry. The repeated failure can be internalised to the point that they stop believing they can be fit and healthy again.

What are you future health goals?

Hopefully to stay fit and healthy well into my 100’s! I’ve always been inspired by older adults who achieve amazing fitness levels and now that I’ve hit the big 50, I hope to be the one inspiring others my age.
I set myself exercise challenges each year – some of these have included cycling from Mizen to Malin head, swimming twice around Garnish Island and doing an Ironman Triathlon.
For 2022, my challenges are to do the Kerry Way ultra lite (a 58km trail run), a mountain bike race, a half-ironman triathlon and learn how to do a proper handstand!

What are some books, Podcasts or YouTube channels you recommend?

I actually don’t do podcasts or youtube channels much as I spend enough time on social media for work!
I love books and read all kinds of personal development and health books –
I have two walls of books in my house.
My favourite nutrition book is ‘Becoming Vegan’ by Brenda Davis as she is so great on the research behind her statements. Exercise wise, I tend to read a lot of autobiography’s.
I love ‘Eat & Run’ by Scott Jurek and I am about to start Sonia O’Sullivans book tonight.

Fun fact about you?

A picture speaks a thousand words..

Thank you Ailis and I want to see  a photo of a proper handstand in 2022 and I wish you well for all your new goals and have no doubt you will level up to them, very inspirational!


Website –
Intagram @ailisbrosnan_com

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