I Quit My 9-5 job to launch DolphinUtilities.com!

I just quit my 9-5 job!

On my FIRE journey to date I have managed to get a high savings rate going consistently month after month from multiple sources of income by keeping my expenses low and only buying things that I get value from.  You will have heard me speaking about this many times before.

Living intentionally in this way I have created an emergency fund that could last us a decent amount of time, one of the corner stones of the Financial Independence and Early Retirement movement.

Having FU (Fuck You) money has allowed me to entertain new opportunities such as the launch of my business which I could not have otherwise. A passion project of mine has always been FIRE Dave and I have been itching to try something new so I have created Dolphin Utilities.

I have always enjoyed helping people save money on their electricity and gas and as a very recently ex-employee who started working at door to door level, I naturally developed in my role to managerial level leading a large team of representatives in Ireland which has allowed me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge I can bring to the table.

I want to try being my own boss for now which will suit me better so I decided to use my emergency fund to take 6 months off, quit my job and invest in myself! My goal is to try and turn my passion project into a full time income outside of my property portfolio.

I can last for a while with no PAYE income so the downside to the business failing is low and worse care scenario I can always go back in six months and get another sales job. So, while I have a lot of energy and youth is on my side I feel obligated to try and able to tolerate the risk.

For me it is now or never!

I am pretty confident I can help you get a better deal on your energy supply, so I decided to go self-employed and set up my new business: Dolphin Utilities.

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