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How to outsource a ‘gig’ to a freelancer on Fiverr

We all love the journey of exploration and learning new things, we do not grow unless we seek new knowledge and experiences. I really wanted to create a professional ‘cartoon sketch’ drawing of myself for the website. Naturally as anyone starting off would, I tried various online programs and tested uploading images and then creating themes and styles.

Then I asked a buddy of mine who could I get to do this for me and pay them. This is when I found out about fiverr!

There is a whole community of freelancers that you can hire starting from a fiver (5 dollars). Basically you look for the task you want to outsource such as the cartoon image I wanted to create and pick a freelancer.

I recommend checking out the reviews and example of previous work. Each task is known as a Gig, and complex tasks are broker down into a number of Gigs. In this way you only pay for the actual task you want done same as a regular ‘pay as you go’ type service.

The turnaround time from me uploading a photo to cartoon, messaging a few lines of text of what I required and a slight modification at the end, was around 12 hours!

I basically went to bed and in the morning the tasks was complete!

Here is my cartoon sketch:

The idea of location independence or even the nomadic lifestyle has growing in popularity within the FIRE community as people look to better climates and places to work and live with a lower cost of living. Hiring a freelancer on demand is a great tool to have in your toolbox as the world moves more into an online space and the need to hire someone full time becomes a thing of the past.

There are so many gigs you can choose from online so I decided to set up a referral account for anyone looking to outsource any tasks and hire a freelancer to take care of that for them. Just click on the button below..


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