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We are all looking for ways to make more money and a lot of us transfer money regularly or from time to time. CurrencyFair are offering everyone €50 and I feel that it deserves a blog post.

  • Secure money transfers
  • Up to 8 times cheaper than the banks
  • One small fair fee of €3I am excited to share with you this great bonus so simply register and verify using the link at the bottom.

Once you have registered, simply transfer €2000 or more to another account and you are credited €50 once it completes.

This is the easiest way to grab a fast €50 that you can throw at your investment or perhaps paying down your mortgage faster, or that Christmas credit card bill.

I tried and tested this myself before I announced the offer and can confirm that it does works. Within a minute of being notified that the transfer has complete, I was credited €50 into CurrencyFair.
You can withdraw the €50 into your own bank account if you want. (There was a fee of €3 from my €50 bonus deducted for withdrawing it – so I actually get €47 into the bank! Not bad eh?)

The process is very quick and the exchange rates are very good too.

Sign up here to grab 50 euro

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