FI Europe Podcast episode – Finance & Mental Health!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – It is now officially 2021

We all have the chance to wipe the slate clean, a brand new fresh new year and perhaps some years resolutions to tackle!

I am really excited today to share with you the just released podcast episode I interviewed on with host Alvar on the Financial Independence Europe Podcast.


Alvar heard me presenting at the online FireHQ event earlier in 2020 and asked me if I would do a entire episode for the FI Europe podcast on the hot topic of Mental Health & Financial Fitness on the pursuit of FIRE.

Of course I said yes!!

I am delighted the episode has released today as January 1st, 2021 is a great time to get this message out and raise these discussion points to a wider audience.

So many of us are waking up and peeking into 2021 with ‘renewed caution’, ‘more focus’ and a ‘strong energy reset’ after a turbulent 2020.

In many ways 2020 was a year of realisation and reflection that has identified new areas for growth and exploration.

“Whatever path you walk in 2021, I sincerely wish you and your family all a wealthy and healthy 2021”

In this episode, I discuss some best practices for staying mentally and financially fit in 2021. I also mention some of the things I have learned over the years through my personal experience and research. You will get a taste of my own FI journey to date through real estate investment as the main driver and some points around my ETF-portfolio and thought processes.

I also talk about:

Real estate investing
What to do after reaching FI
Mental health in the FIRE community
General FIRE topics

I hope you enjoy this episode and I look forward to hearing from you..

To listen to the full episode click here

Also available on Apple, Google and Spotify!

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  1. Mike

    Great interview. I do think that some people spend too much time in spreadsheets and every minute detail. Good to look at the bigger picture and work from there.

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