Frequently Asked Questions…

Q – How does coaching work with Dave?

A- At our first session we see how we both get on in terms of proceeding together. Then we can move to the inventory where we make agreements on how the coaching will proceed and what key points we address at sessions. Between sessions I am open to follow up questions.

Q – How many sessions do I need?

A – 1 coaching session every 7-14 days is normal.  Coaching session frequency can be tailored to individuals needs, goals and requirements, although it is good practice to allow a week between sessions to allow the information to marinate and to be reflected on.

Q – How long does a coaching session last?

A – 45 minutes is the normal time frame, if the call requires 60 minutes that is not a problem.

Q – What happens during a coaching session?

An agenda is decided before the session and this is worked through, with as a brainstorming, objective setting or accountability on tasks. Strategy analysis, goal setting and mentoring can take place. I will look at current and potential obstacles to overcome and objection handling, mindset  and important set of action points to work towards your goals. Educating and upskilling and a focus on solutions to problems.

Q – Can I change or cancel an appointment?

A – Yes of course, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice if something comes up.

Q – What qualifies you as a coach?

A – I do not operate the typical ”Do as I say, not as I do!” principle. I am sincerely passionate about the FIRE movement and would never coach another person on something I have not or would not do myself.

Q – How long will it take me to FIRE?

A – This is a great question and everyone’s situation is different and the environment is constantly changing around us. I have provided a few example time frames on the ‘How to start Fire’ page under the section

Q – Do you have an example spreadsheet for tracking things?

A – Yes, Please click here to access the FREE Cash Flow Budget Tool

Click here

Q – How do I calculate and simulate retirement?

A – Yes, Please look at the interview with Jorge which includes a FREE link to the Retirement Simulator

Click here

Q – Can you provide Financial and Tax advice?

A – I am not a qualified financial or tax advisor, I am a FIRE life coach and any financial decisions or actions you decide to take are of your own free will.