Carl Munson: Expats Portugal & EXP! *Guest Post*

Looking to move from Ireland, the UK or other parts Europe?
Seeking fresh and promising ‘new pastures’? Want a laptop-business-friendly country to explore?

Interested in affordable and characterful property investment?

Portugal might well be the place to look..

I first became interested in Portugal around 15 years ago when putting together for an escape plan from the UK. A chance conversation alerted me to the country’s enviable quality of life and excellent value for expat money, making it an attractive alternative to those usual migratory suspects – Spain and France.

A single and delightful reconnaissance mission left me in no doubt and fully in love with Portugal and its potential. However, as we all know, life had other plans for me, which delayed my departure for many years, during which I got a ‘proper job’, got married and started a new family.

It was actually redundancy (along with a very trusting wife) that allowed me to finally make the Iberian leap, and with our most valued possessions packed into our campervan, set a course for Central Portugal to a basecamp house-sit. In this humble, but exciting setting began a fun and fascinating adventure, which has certainly been without any dull moments, gifted us a new child and delivered many opportunities.

The work of Kyosagi, Ferris and a catalogue of other self-help and spiritual authors prepared me well for this new life. I’ve always been a ‘square peg’, thinking that conventional life had little to commend it with its endless struggles and pointless distractions. This country has allowed me to breathe out, regroup and refocus.

It’s not that Portugal is without such problems for everyday people (in fact, life for the truly working classes here is hugely demanding), but it offers a better, more favourable backdrop for those who do wish to live differently. Whether you want to work from your laptop, invest in property, or enjoy the fruit of your ‘FIRE’, Portugal has much to commend it.

Laptop Based Business Owners..

Of those three options, my wife and I have been able to achieve the first (laptop-based business owners) in this delightful land. She’s an astrologer with a booming client-base, me something of an influencer and consultant on living in and moving to Portugal. Thankfully our respective endeavours have shown themselves to be pandemic-proof, in fact quite catalysed by the horrible global event of the last year or so.

The podcast I created to document our migration from a UK that no longer suited our dreams and spirits, became a live-streamed update for expats – keeping them abreast of the Coronavirus (that’s what we called it back then) situation. A service for English-speaking immigrants, the podcast turned into a focal point for a concerned community, and more recently those – all over the world – peeking into and eavesdropping on the Portuguese opportunity.

Expat’s Portugal advisory service..

My efforts were ultimately recognised by Expats Portugal, a web-based advisory service with a similar passion for living and moving here, where I am now a Director. Contributing to content daily, as well as supporting the community and strategically developing its growth, I’m proud to be part of a team that is proud to be part of Portugal and its positive future.

Now established and in-demand, I’m delighted to have also recently found EXP Realty, a cloud-based estate agency concept that has revolutionised property sales in its native North America, and in my view, is the best thing to happen to Portuguese estate agency since Cliff Richard moved here!

Since first stepping foot on Portuguese soil, I’ve seen a huge opportunity in real estate / estate agency here. Beautiful properties in endlessly delightful settings are abundant here, with something to pretty much suit everyone’s taste and budget, but the industry has some real problems if it wants to be taken seriously on the world migration and investment stage.

Property via EXP..

EXP allows anyone with an interest in property and real estate to operate locally AND globally through its network marketing and cloud-based hybrid. Anyone starting a real estate business from scratch at home, let alone in a new country, can be beset by all manner of logistical and professional challenges, and soon daunted by the established players. EXP offers scale, training and credibility from the get-go with numerous ways to grow, invest and be rewarded.

Now a migration and property consultant, I can look back on these last three years and honestly say I’ve loved this journey so far. This is a place where you can work from home and laptop with some of the best IT infrastructure in Europe. It’s also a place rich in property potential, waiting for a professional touch that will bring confidence, cash and credibility into a precariously balanced economy – so rich in resource and raw material. That’s where I am now. An EXP Realty agent with a self-created promotional platform, building a team, growing inventory and looking for collaborations and partnerships.

Who knows? Maybe you and I can work together and soon feel the warmth of co-created FIRE in this sunny, friendly and relaxed country? You know where I am!


Good Morning Portugal..

Carl Munson is host of the Good Morning Portugal! Show, a daily livestream for expats in Portugal and others around the world looking to make the same move. His YouTube channel is made possible by Expats Portugal, of which Carl is a Director. He lives in Central Portugal with his wife and three children and extends a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in moving to one of the world’s safest and most promising countries.

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